Top five essential figma plugins

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Check Out These Cool New Features of Android 10

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10 Core Intel Processor – Intel Stepping Up To Counter Ryzen

Intel enjoyed a significant period of time having a monopoly in the desktop processor market. After the failure of Bulldozer and subsequently of Piledriver, Steamroller & Excavator. Intel was enjoying an undisputed position. With Bulldozer, AMD tried to move from a wide, high-IPC, low-clock design to a narrow, low-IPC, high-clock design. To make that work,… Continue reading 10 Core Intel Processor – Intel Stepping Up To Counter Ryzen

How two companies disrupted Indian market

The Indian market has seen significant changes in recent years, with two companies, Reliance JIO and Xiaomi, standing out for their disruption. Both have employed strategies that have altered their respective industries and positively impacted millions of people. Let’s see how two companies disrupted the Indian market. Let’s take a look at their strategies and… Continue reading How two companies disrupted Indian market

How to get JIO Broadband Connection

The much awaited Reliance JIO broadband is now available for booking. From August 15 its now officially open to book JIO broadband connection. Users can enjoy high speed FTTH (Fiber to the Home) broadband service upto 1Gbps without paying too much. Jio GigaFiber will provide ultra high-definition entertainment on large screen TVs, multi-party video conferencing… Continue reading How to get JIO Broadband Connection

Google cleverly executed an intriguing game

The perplexing acquisition and subsequent sale of Motorola by Google caught the attention of many industry experts. During that period, Android was being adopted by companies such as HTC and Samsung, who saw potential in the emerging smartphone market. Nokia was the dominant player in the industry, with Samsung trailing behind in terms of market share. Android presented a unique opportunity for both Samsung and Google to foster growth and challenge Nokia’s market supremacy. This partnership between Google and Samsung proved fruitful for both parties, as Samsung’s innovative hardware, combined with Google’s powerful Android operating system, created a winning formula. The duo’s success in the market was evident as they quickly dethroned Nokia and established a strong presence in the smartphone industry.

Why Google bought Motorola?

Why Google bought Motorola

As Samsung started gathering a huge market share, it started using android as a core and built heavy skin Touchwiz on top of Android – to a point that it felt like undermining Android’s performance as well as visibility. Then it started pushing its own apps replacing stock android apps like Phone, Mail client, Contacts, Calendar, Music player, Video player etc. Also, another smartphone OS was in the making which looked very much like a samsung-skinned android. Why? Because going forward pushing smartphone users to adopt in-house Tizen OS by Samsung would be easier in the upcoming phone launches.

Google noticed this and acted. Bought Motorola.

On 15 August 2011 Google announced it had bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5bn in cash. Two new phones were launched by Google under Motorola branding – Moto G and Moto X. Positioned as midrange and flagship phones respectively at a highly subsidized rate. They had android in purest form (stock) and had excellent specifications resulting in a very good user experience. The value for money was so good that it started to eat up Samsung’s smartphone market share immediately.

A fatality move by Google.

Samsung realised that its a mistake to undermine Google’s hard work by hiding Android under Touchwiz. From Samsung Galaxy S6 onwards the excessive skinning and the bloat started reducing significantly. And for some reason 😛 Google also lost interest in running a smartphone business. On 29th January 2014, Google announced the sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.


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