Fetch API And Store To JSON File In WordPress Every 15 Minutes

In this previous post we managed to fetch the endpoint and store the response in a JSON file in wordpress as a static file. We have hooked the api calls to wp_footer which can put tremendous load to server as that will get executed on every new pageload. Hence we are trying to fetch API… Continue reading Fetch API And Store To JSON File In WordPress Every 15 Minutes

Disable WordPress Core Sitemaps

WordPress started pushing own sitemaps after their Version 5.5 release. This is a wonderful feature which provides effortless sitemap generation. Works great for sites where all the pages and posts needs indexing. The default sitemap can then be submitted to the search engines and periodically sitemap gets updated as and when there is an update… Continue reading Disable WordPress Core Sitemaps

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WordPress asking for FTP credentials on localhost

Unable to Add/Delete plugin in localhost?
After you new and shiny localhost installation you go ahead and start cleaning up. Keeping one fallback theme twenty twenty and deleting others. Then you go ahead and try deleting the Hello Dolly plugin and the Akismat plugin which I believe may not have much usage in localhost and you face this issue of unable to delete or install wordpress plugin without error.