Smartphone Innovation Ideas To Simplify Our Lives

This fine morning I woke up and checked my phone while still on bed. I was notified of a scheduled interview call coming up, a reminder to take db backup of some of the websites I built, study MEAN framework, plan some updates for my android app, write an article in my blog regarding a topic ( smartphone Innovation Ideas ) I was thinking before going to sleep last night and not to drink water as I ll be fasting (I did that by mistake on several occasions previously) and pay my internet bill.

As i kept my phone back, I was thinking of how this device is making our life easier and efficient. But as I looked back I did not find any significant innovations lately. Smartphone companies are in a spec race where their upgraded phones have more CPU power, RAM, storage, screen size, battery capacity, more megapixels. ( A common misunderstanding is there that more megapixels = better photo quality. Megapixels has nothing to do with image quality. It only is responsible for the resolution of the image. ) But nothing quite innovative to offer which has made our life better and easier. So I listed some smartphone innovation ideas which can make our life better.

Smartphone innovation ideas

Revolutionizing battery backups :

smartphone Innovation Ideas

This is one of the most sought and necessary update. What we have now after several tweaks are not that great. We have the capacity to make bigger batteries but that in turn makes our phone bulky. We can fast charge our phone but discharge time is the same. A really nice upgrade would be the introduction of more efficient battery technology for week-long backups if not month-long power backup without making bulky batteries.

Projections for presentations or watching movies: Connecting phone to our Dolby digital sound speakers via Bluetooth and projecting the movie from our phone to a wall. There you have your theatre experience in your home without having to buy a costly projector. This will also be very helpful in business meetings where you can present PPTs on the go.

Seamless translation of language while on call : This feature can truly help us a lot. The reason I expect this as a possibility is because of the progress in natural language processing. Imagine a feature available in your phone where two people having two different languages without having knowledge of the other one’s language are talking and the person on the other end is listening to a translated voice in real time. Pretty cool right?

SIM capabilities embedded in smartphone chip without requiring a physical SIM : Smartphone manufacturers can embed a hardware having signal receiving capabilities with a unique address which ll let us ditch the sim. Telcos can assign a mobile number to the hardware address (of the phone). This can also help us keep multiple numbers in one smartphone instead of the current maximum two.

Use phone as a key : One phone to control em all. Using phone as a Car key, (smart) house key, ID, wallet. We can get rid of lots of clutter because of this. Downside is losing our phone can also paralyze us and lock us out. Though we can keep the authentication in a cloud and sync it to our new phone to re-enable the facilities.


That being said, I would like to mention some new technologies which is already introduced and are very useful.

Dash charge by OnePlus :- This is one of the most helpful feature lately. The ability to quick charge our smartphone very fast is a boon for the smartphone users who are already frustrated with low battery backup and higher charge time.

Fingerprint / Retina unlock:- I use the retina unlock to unlock my phone and fingerprint unlock in many applications. Its useful and saves my time. There are lots of apps which I use have implemented the fingerprint authentication and works like a charm.

AI Assistant :- This is a neat feature which I use a lot. For reminders, for alarms, for making calls, for navigating, for searching information, to get stock prices, for checking emails. I shifted from iPhone 8 Plus to Samsung Note 8 as the app integration is much better with google assistant. And the recent google IO event introduced a much smarter Google Assistant with a natural-sounding voice that can make phone call appointments and reservations for you based on nested voice interactions which is not possible with any other smartphone AI assistant till now. Google Assistant > Siri 😉

Let’s hope that in the coming years we experience a leap in technology from the current dormant one. May be we can experience some of the smartphone innovation ideas from this list in future.


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