10 Core Intel Processor – Intel Stepping Up To Counter Ryzen

Intel enjoyed a significant period of time having a monopoly in the desktop processor market. After the failure of Bulldozer and subsequently of Piledriver, Steamroller & Excavator. Intel was enjoying an undisputed position. With Bulldozer, AMD tried to move from a wide, high-IPC, low-clock design to a narrow, low-IPC, high-clock design. To make that work, they had to achieve both high clocks and high core counts while retaining reasonable prices. The Bulldozer family needed a 50% clock speed advantage to keep up with the same number of Phenom II cores. The Bulldozer FX-9000 series were extremely power-hungry, reportedly unstable and the marketing hype was unrealistic.


I was fortunate enough to own one in 2012 (AMD 8150 unlocked). The best part was the feel of summer during winter. I just had to make a few compromises. Like system BSOD, CSGO crash, recurring Chrome crashes, Photoshop crashes, weird system freeze while executing basic codes in codeblocks. I had such a miserable experience that even Intel Core i3 3220 felt like a much better upgrade.

AMD offering 16c/32T – No affordable 10 Core Intel Processor

AMD officially announced the first 14nm Ryzen products in 2016. Having more processing cores, Ryzen processors offer greater multi-threaded performance at a considerably low price. AMD was able to minimize the power consumption and offered a stable processor at a great price with their 1st gen and 2nd gen Ryzen lineups. Users were also very happy with the performance and price. With 3rd gen Ryzen series AMD claimed that the IPC of their new processors are on par with Intel processors. Reviewers are amazed at the performance. The benchmarks are outstanding both in multi-core as well as single-core IPC gains. AMD’s market share started increasing as more and more people started adopting Ryzen processors. With the release of Ryzen by AMD, it looks like the monopoly of Intel is slowing down. AMD is offering 12 core processors at almost half the price which Intel charges for 12 core processors.


affordable 10 Core Intel Processor – Intel trying to keep Up

After losing a significant market share to Ryzen processor. Intel is coming up with new processors now. 10 core intel processor will be aimed at the consumers who are favouring Ryzen processor now. Because Ryzen is offering more cores and threads which gives more power to a computer at a fair price. Currently, Intel is still selling 2C/2T processors which many consider is outdated. Even though the single-core processing is significantly faster because of higher IPC, almost all modern software utilizes the power of multiple cores/threads. This renders the low core- low thread processors incompetent and struggles to keep up.

ProcessorBase ClockSingle Core Speed- MaxAll Core Speed- MaxCores/ThreadsTDPCachePricing
Core-i3 101003.7 Ghz4.4 Ghz4.2 Ghz4C/8T65W7mb$129
Core-i3 103003.8 Ghz4.5 Ghz4.3 Ghz4C/8T62W9mb$149
Core-i3 103204.0 Ghz4.7 Ghz4.5 Ghz4C/8T91W9mb$159
Core-i3 10350K4.1 Ghz4.8 Ghz4.6 Ghz4C/8T91W9mb$179
Core-i5 104003.0 Ghz4.4 Ghz4.2 Ghz6C/12T65W12mb$179
Core-i5 105003.1 Ghz4.6 Ghz4.4 Ghz6C/12T65W12mb$199
Core-i5 106003.2 Ghz4.8 Ghz4.6 Ghz6C/12T65W12mb$229
Core-i5 10600K3.7 Ghz4.9 Ghz4.7 Ghz6C/12T95W12mb$269
Core-i7 107003.1 Ghz4.9 Ghz4.6 Ghz8C/16T65W16mb$339
Core-i7 10700K3.6 Ghz5.1 Ghz4.8 Ghz8C/16T95W16mb$389
Core-i9 10800F2.7 Ghz5.0 Ghz4.2 Ghz10C/20T65W20mb$409
Core-i9 10900F3.2 Ghz5.1 Ghz4.4 Ghz10C/20T95W20mb$449
Core-i9 10900KF3.4 Ghz5.2 Ghz4.6 Ghz10C/20T105W20mb$499


The takeaway

If the above-leaked list is correct then it’s going to be a game-changer for Intel. I believe they ll quickly regain the lost market share. Core i3 offering 4C/8T is a big upgrade considering the price $129. Core i9 offering 10C/20T at $409 is as good as it can be. This offering can retain both the low end as well as high-end desktop users. Thanks to Ryzen, we may soon have 10 Core Intel Processor for desktop computers. Currently, only HEDT CPU has 10 or more core processors and they cost around $1000. This is good news for end-users as this end of monopoly will lower prices. It will also bring in a better line of processors. 10th generation processors for laptops are announced already and is available on the Intel website. The desktop 10 gen processors are yet to be announced. Stay tuned.

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