My Moto X review

Moto X review after using it for months. It is a mid-range smartphone which is complete in each and every ways. It is launched by Motorola just after launching Moto G in India which had a great success in India. Their superb strategy of providing first class hardware at a very low cost (compared to others) is going on good. Moto X is a smartphone for those who want a smartphone with speed, stability, simplicity, good battery backup and great looks. Do not get disheartened by the dual core processor factor. It is a fully optimized smartphone without any lags and other issues with very good battery backup.

Performance: Moto X has a good, well optimized processor which does its job very nicely. Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System includes a software optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (1.7GHz Dual-Core Krait CPU, quad-core Adreno 320 GPU), a natural language processor and a contextual computing processor .The Moto X responds to spoken commands prefixed by OK Google Now, providing you with a virtual voice assistant like siri of iphone to perform functions without touching the phone.

Camera: The camera does an amazing job after the recent updates. Initially there were some bugs but its fixed after an update was pushed OTA. The main camera is a 10MP clearpixel camera with a 2MP HD front camera. It also has features like Quick Capture, LED flash, fHD video (30 fps),4X digital zoom, Slow motion video, Burst mode, Auto HDR, Panorama,Tap to focus. For all types of photography i use the stock camera and for taking macro shots I prefer Google Camera (with lens blur).

Display: The display of MOTO X is a 4.7″ AMOLED HD capable of playing 720p videos (and 1080 videos as well with MX Player). Colors are sharp and vivid which is very impressive. The Active display is genuinely amazing and very helpful; better result, less effort. You can peek into notifications from the lock screen without unlocking the device and see what the content is. The screen is protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

Sound : MOTO X excels in this department. The sound is loud and clear. Music over the headphone is awesome though you have you try a better headphone over the stock headphone. And some tweaking required to enjoy blissful music. Install a good music player.

Storage : Moto X has two variants in terms of storage 16GB and 32GB. I have the 16GB version and the best part is that due to absense of bloatware unlike Samsng phones there is enough space for user storage. The 2GB RAM is enough for handling the memory hungry apps.

Battery : I have used a lot of android phones and this has been my complaint in all the phones. I have to chose between the features and battery backup. For good backup I had to lower the brightness, stop the sync, stop data, enable 2G only mode and what not. If this is what i have to do then what is the meaning of using a smartphone. If I can not enjoy the features then how good it is from the Nokia 1100 (no offence intended) features-wise. In Moto X this problem has been addressed and it is giving me more than 1 day of battery backup with mixed uses like facebook, twitter,watching HD videos, taking 5-10 pictures

Touchless Control: An awesome feature introduced by Motorola. Even in locked mode Moto X responds to your commands and executes the task correctly. You can ask your phone to read notifications, set a reminder, navigate to some place and so many other stuffs.

Check out this video to see the amazing touchless control at work. This is the FIND MY PHONE feature.


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