Windows 9 download link

You will get the Microsoft Windows 9 download link here. Yes the much awaited windows 9 is appearing in various websites as screenshots which indicates that Windows 9 is coming soon and a copy is already out . As much as some nerds hate it for no reason or for their “so-called-justified-reason” many of us… Continue reading Windows 9 download link

First look | New Motorola phones First look | New Motorola phones and accessories. Check this post tomorrow to catch the live event where new phones and accessories will be launched by Motorola. We are expecting a Moto G2, Moto X+1 and Moto 360 to come up. We shall post the price of respective products very soon. Stay tunes for… Continue reading First look | New Motorola phones

Smartphone camera explained

After witnessing hell lot of confusion and misconception of the commoners regarding the smartphone camera I can’t stop myself from writing this post which says “Smartphone camera explained“. I hope that some readers who will go through this post will clear their wrong notion that if their camera possesses more megapixels they will get better… Continue reading Smartphone camera explained

Microsoft’s Social Network

Looks like the big players are getting mad to overturn facebook. After the superhit release of google+ , it is microsoft this time which is aiming to create some competition. Like most product release of them this time also they called it accidental release of their social network Tulalip , a Microsoft’s Social Network.

Frequently Used Unix Commands

These are some of the frequently Used Unix Commands which may be of help to you. have a look Starting and Ending login: `Logging in’ ssh: Connect to another machine logout: `Logging out’ File Management emacs: `Using the emacs text editor’