Check Out These Cool New Features of Android 10

Cool New Features of Android 10

Recently the newest version of android got released. The availability of android 10 in different devices is very less but I found a workaround to install and test android 10. For a change, dessert names got dropped. Google named this version as Android 10.

5 New Features of Android 10

With this new android os, you can now choose to only share location data with apps while you are using them. You shall also receive reminders when an app that you are not actively using is accessing your location, so you can decide whether or not to continue sharing. Bye-bye Bouncer ( one of my favourite paid app for managing my privacy )

Take advantage of larger, edge-to-edge screens with the new gesture navigation. With simple swipes, you can go backwards, pull up the home screen, and fluidly move between tasks. After switching, you won’t want to go back to visible buttons.

With a single tap, Live Caption will automatically caption videos, podcasts and audio messages across any app—even stuff you record yourself. Live Caption will become available this fall, starting with Pixel.

Smart Reply now suggests actions. So when someone sends you a message with an address or a YouTube video, you can open and navigate in Google Maps or open up the video on YouTube—no copying and pasting required. And Smart Reply now works across all your favourite messaging apps.

Sending updates straight to your phone. Introducing Project Mainline by Google. OTA updates has always been a headache for manufacturers. Now OS updates can be pushed to phone directly via Play Store. Security and privacy patches can be sent straight to a phone. 

Click here to go to the official page and check all the features of Android 10.

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