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You will get the Microsoft Windows 9 download link here. Yes the much awaited windows 9 is appearing in various websites as screenshots which indicates that Windows 9 is coming soon and a copy is already out . As much as some nerds hate it for no reason or for their “so-called-justified-reason” many of us love Microsoft windows and specifically Windows 8 for its faster operational speed, amazing memory management, sleek UI and lots of efficient functions. It is very similar to Windows 7 which is regarded as the most successful Microsoft windows next to windows XP. Only addition is the metro UI which brings the app experience in windows 8. There has been a lo of discussion regarding this feature. Some had the opinion that it is a waste and some thought its cool. The limitation with Windows 8 was that after the boot sequence instead of desktop, metro UI screen is called. That means after turning on your computer and logging in the first screen you ‘ll get is the metro screen first. I personally never bothered whether it goes directly to desktop or to the metro screen. This never affected my use of computer or made me do heroic tasks to go to desktop, It is just a click away. And after that it is mostly like Windows 7, in fact much better.

A preview version of the OS is expected to be unveiled next month (30 sept). There is still no official announcement regarding the naming of OS but some speculations are there that it will be named Windows X. From the screenshots we can see that there is not a huge UI updation and metro apps is retained which i personally is a good idea as it is very helpful if you know how to use and take the maximum potential of it. The designs are flat and good-looking and the experience is expected to be better than ever. I shall upgrade definitely if the memory management is like windows 8 or better and is super fast like its predecessor. Expecting a better OS. I shall post the official Windows 9 download link from Microsoft here, so stay tuned and check regularly.

Have a look at screenshots of the upcoming OS available in verge.

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