Xiaomi laptop – be ready for the next big thing

After shaking the smartphone market with Xiaomi’s offering of high-end smartphones at unbelievably low price, a rumour is being circulated in the cyberspace that Xiaomi laptop is coming. This is indeed a very good news for all of us who value and respect technology instead of going behind big brand names who sell similar products at more than double the price. We have already experienced their quality of products and unbelievably low pricing which made them overtake Samsung sales in China and here in India they are gaining grounds.
Its evident from the flash sales how people over here are welcoming and accepting Xiaomi products. Their MI3 smartphone was their first ad quick hit in India followed by Redmi 1S and Xiaomi power bank. The Xiaomi laptop which is coming is considered to have high specifications just like its smartphone counterpart. The laptop has ‘Mi’ branding just below the screen and another logo is present at the backside where the Apple logo is present in Macbook laptops. The power button is placed in the keyboard which is having bright orange color. It has an Intel Haswell i7-4500U processor along with two 8 GB dual channel memory (a total of 16GB of RAM), and a 15-inch 1080p display. It is believed that the operating system which will power this laptop will be a customized version of Linux.


I am not sure whether this speculation is going to be a reality or not. It is assumed that the price of this amazing laptop will be around $500 (Rs 30000) which is a steal deal. After using their products (Xiaomi MI3, Xiaomi Powerbank 12400 and Xiaomi Redmi 1S) I shall not bother to check the laptop before buying. When it will be listed for selling in my country, I shall be the among first few who will order this laptop right away. Long live Xiaomi !


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