Why Windows 8.1 is a better choice

Have a PC running Windows 8 or capable of the same ? Windows 8.1 provides useful tools and fixing some of Microsoft’s unpopular design choices thus providing you with a heap of reasons to upgrade the new version. For those using earlier versions of Windows, the updated OS fulfils many of the stipulations Microsoft began to deliver on with Windows 8. Providing the option to boot up straight to the desktop,the touch- first modern UI is made even more convincing. Listed here in are a few essential reasons why Windows 8.1 is a better choice

  • Introducing several new features, with Windows 8.1 , Microsoft affirms a significantly smaller footprint to win you back 8-15% storage space.The search results for a subject are organised in a visually driven page “hero” that calls upon basic facts and relevant links thus taking the ease of search to a greater height with Smart Search powered by Bing.
  • The better multi-tasking Snap allows you to resize the smaller window to virtually any size with just a finger swipe and enables opening multiple windows simultaneously in case of high-res monitors.Windows 8.1 refreshingly comes with two new sizes of live tiles : a smaller square enabling power users to cram a number of shortcuts into their screens and a bigger size worthy of apps with lots of “glanceable” info, like Bing Weather.
  • Windows 8.1 automatically updates apps in the background. Having the same background image on both the Desktop and Start Screen,it may have immense potential to make modern UI friendly.
  • Getting email notifications and taking Skype calls is made easier without having you unlock your device. Upgrading Windows8.1 gives you access to run the official Facebook app for Windows giving your PC an innate experience.The app does not appear when you call up the Share charm from another app,however the responce is smooth and the interface helps you explore parts of the service that you have overlooked.
  • Windows 8.1 users will have more control over how contents furnishes on second display , giving more flaccidity to tablets. Microsoft has made Onedrive the default space for saving new documents in Windows8.1, and improved things on the back end to ensure the system views them as local files from all perspectives.

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