How to save more battery life with iOS8

You must be accustomed to the attractive features of iOS8 and also the repugnance of how these features drain out iPhone battery life. Here are some effective ways to guide you how to save more battery life with iOS8.

  • Check and restrict the apps that drain the device’s battery life. With iOS8 you can see a detailed breakdown of which apps are exactly consuming maximum power of your device. All you got to do is go to Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage.
  • More apps these days can track your device location and these are among the biggest battery drainers.In order to ensure that you enable Location Services only when necessarily required,go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services. Some apps now have “While Using” option unlike earlier when you could only turn Location Services on or off for apps. For instance, when using Facebook, it will let you see nearby friends and post by location, but won’t let the social network send you push notifications of nearby frienda when the app is closed.
  • The Share My Location option that enables you to share your current location with your contacts exhaustively drains battery as it constantly requires to be updated.To conserve battery,turn it off by going to Settings>Share My Location when not necessary.
  • Enabling Handoff allows you to seamlessly move between your Apple devices. Incase you do not plan to switch back and forth much, you can turn it off. Go to Settings>General>Handoff & Suggeates Apps.
  • Suggested Apps appears on the same screen as Handoff suggesting apps based on your location which can make for unnecessary push notifications that arw known battery drainers. When on the subject, one can limit what other apps use push app by going to Settings>Notification.
  • The Spotlight search function that appears when you swipe down can now draw its search results from around the web in your phone.You can modify the Spotlight to save battery in case you do not require that diligence of a search engine by going to Settings>General>Spotlight Search and deleting the sources you do not want to append in your searches.

if you know more tricks of how to save more battery life with iOS8 then please leave a comment.

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