Advantages of a Desktop computer over laptop

We are living in an era where everything is pretty much computerized. From building softwares, designing websites, monitoring patients in a hospital, booking online tickets, investing in share market, taking an online course (even exam) to finding the perfect soulmate ūüėõ via online dating service, we need computer in our day-to-day life. It has become an integral part of our life and along with time we are getting more and more dependent on it. As per our needs we have different types of computer which is listed as follows.

  • Desktop computer ‚Äď It consists of separate components like cabinet (where motherboard, CPU, HDD, RAM etc is there), monitor, speakers and keyboard + mouse.
  • Laptop Computer ‚Äď It¬†has a¬†clamshell form factor and is much smaller than a desktop.¬†The components which I¬†have mentioned above is fitted in one place.
  • Tablet computer ‚Äď A tablet computer is a unibody design mobile computer having¬†touch-screen display and battery in a single unit which weights less than 1/4th of a laptop.

Advantages of a Desktop computer

In most of the cases when we need a computer for our work a deskTop computer is better than a laptop. ( Considering that we do not have to move from one place to another while using a computer.) Here are some of the most important factors which shows the advantages.

  • Better value for money :¬†¬†We all know that the configuration which we¬†will get¬†in desktop computer is much more powerful¬†compared to the configuration of a laptop at the same price.
  • Lots of internal memory / storage space :¬†We can have lots of internal memory as well as storage space in case of Desktop. Thanks to the advanced desktop motherboards having support of upto 128GB of RAM and with 6 SATA ports you can have petabytes of storage inside your¬†RIG.
  • Bigger display¬†: You can have bigger display in case of desk-top PC. Buy a big monitor and¬†enjoy the high-definition truly. Laptops are limited to 19 inch only whereas¬†desktop can have 30 inch + monitors.
  • Better hardware available : In case of laptop all the latest hardwares are not available. The¬†processors with lethal speed and efficiency are not available for laptop as laptop can not provide the sufficient power.
  • Easy to upgrade :¬†This problem is faced by almost every laptop user. And if you are into gaming you are doomed. In about every 2-3 years the earlier hardwares gets irrelevant. To start with ‚Äď Graphics card and then processor which is dependent on motherboard. both of these can‚Äôt be upgraded.
  • Comfortable to use : Though this is what I¬†consider a personal opinion, I find deSktop computer comfortable to use. I can work faster whereas¬†a laptop slows me down.
  • Easily repairable :¬†Almost all of us who have an experience using a laptop have faced CD / DVD drive faltering. This is the first inconvenience followed by laptop keyboard leading to battery issue. These three problems are mostly¬†unavoidable.

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