Free facebook on Airtel 3G


Many of us can’t afford Airtel 3G because of their costly pricing and stick with Airtel 2G which is slow but considering what others are offering in the same section, its the best choice though some Vodafone 2G fanboys will disagree and boast of their connection. I shall not deny that Vodafone is also good but i personally find Airtel better. Now this is not a prank that facebook is free on airtel 3G. Recently airtel has announced a lot of new offers for airtel prepaid where we have seen that a prepaid airtel user can surf facebook free on airtel 3G in between midnight 12 am to 6 am in the morning up to 250 mb. That means if you have any video file or lots of pictures to upload then you can do that free of cost using the high speed connection of airtel.  So what are you waiting for, if you are a late night facebook user then it’s a great deal for you. To avail this offer go to their website and select the facebook offer from the list of other offers.

A word of advice, Please do not abuse / misuse this wonderful facility which Airtel is offering for free because if you use it wrongly and put load on their server they will be bound to stop this service.

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