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I am using the fastest processor along with abundant ram and a good motherboard and thus never face any issues with computer being slow. But I know many of you are frustrated with your computer which becomes terribly slow few days after fresh formatting. So your only procedure is to format it again and enjoy good speed for 1-2 weeks and then again it becomes slow. To get out of this ridiculous cycle there are other ways also which will help you keep your computer considerably fast to its limits (please do not expect that this tutorial can help you transform your i3 to i7 😛 )
I am writing this post to help you how to make your computer faster and utilize its maximum potential. There are certain process which will speed up your computer which is described as follows.

Wisely choose the Operating System

Install the particular Operating System which you exactly require for your needs. e.g, if you use your computer for surfing internet, watching movies, playing songs, edit photos & videos then I think you must go with Linus distros like Linux Mint, Peppermint, Elementary OS. Ubuntu will be preferred by newbie, self-proclaimed linux gurus but considering an average / slow computer Ubuntu is a bad choice. If you are a diehard Windows fan and can’t live without it then go for Windows 8 and if that is not available and your are left with Windows 7 then install Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM if not Home basic. It contains all the necessary functions for your use. Remember Windows 7 Ultimate is not required for all the home user unless you are super protective and use Bitlocker which I personally find irritating.

Install necessary softwares

If you plan to go with linux then connect your computer to internet to install necessary softwares which is available in Software center and update your computer . In the process it will also download the drivers for your computer though most of the drivers are already there and will be preinstalled. Best part if you use Linux is that you don’t have to pay for any anti-virus software or install any pirated version of anti virus as there is almost ZERO virus in Linux. Only thing you have to do is to update you computer regularly whenever updates roll out. And if you plan to go with Windows install the softwares which you use regularly and keep it minimal. If you think that you may require another software in the near future, install it then only when required.

Disable unnecessary start apps

In case of windows you have to make certain tweaks in order to make your computer faster. You have to start with startup process or softwares. These are the softwares which automatically start themselves after you turn on the computer and thus use resources which is limited in your case or precisely not abundant like me 😛 . So first thing is to stop them from initializing themselves automatically. You can do so by going to SYSTEM CONFIGURATION which can be accessed by typing MSCONFIG in RUN. Then click startup and there you will find a list of softwares. Right Click there over the software which you do not want immediately after startup and select disable.

Restrict remote access to registry

To restrict remote access to registry.
Type services.msc in RUN
Now look for the following entry in the list:
“Remote Registry”
Double-click on it and set its Startup type as “Disabled”
This will restrict any unknown / unauthorized connection into your computer.

Defragment your hard drives

Once in 1-2 months its a good practice to defragment the disks. It will considerably make your computer faster then earlier. To do so –Open Disk Defragmenter by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking System Tools, and then clicking Disk Defragmenter.‌ First it will analyze and then defragmentation will take place.

Speed up Browsing

You may experience that your computer is faster but browsing is slow. Easiest method is if your are not using Google Chrome then start using it you will feel the difference and if you are already using Google Chrome and its slow then its time you clean up the cache files stuck in your browser. To do so press simultaneously CTRL SHIFT DEL. Select every option and chose “Begining of time” from the dropdown list and then click Clear Browsing Data.

After following all the process restart your computer once and be happy that its easy to make your computer faster.


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