Increase battery backup in Android without any app

Here I’ll share with you how to increase battery backup in Android without any app. I am writing this because I was also suffering from this and after trying so many ways to optimize battery backup i found out the root cause and a solution which does not involve installing a new application. This is a major problem for  95% of… Continue reading Increase battery backup in Android without any app

Top five mobile phone of 2014

Now a days while talking about smart phones they are not future proof because companies are introducing  updated version of their high end phones in every 6 months or 1 year. But coming to top phones what you will expect ? A great speed, multi tasking,camera and of course good battery backup. To help you choose the… Continue reading Top five mobile phone of 2014

My Moto X review

Moto X review after using it for months. It is a mid-range smartphone which is complete in each and every ways. It is launched by Motorola just after launching Moto G in India which had a great success in India. Their superb strategy of providing first class hardware at a very low cost (compared to others)… Continue reading My Moto X review

Instagram Black photo fix

Getting black photos while you upload your images in Instagram ? Check out this post for Instagram Black photo fix.  If you don’t know what Instagram is, read the first paragraph or else skip to the second. Instagram is a smartphone application, available for iOS, Android and WP, using which you can take photos and edit them using… Continue reading Instagram Black photo fix

Xiaomi Mi3 Review

This Xiaomi Mi3 Review is for all of you who are still in confusion regarding this awesome phone and have low faith because it’s a “Chinese” product. A common notion developed that whatever is Chinese is not a good product but trust me when I say that this phone will blow up your expectation and… Continue reading Xiaomi Mi3 Review

Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3

After using this beastly device for few days I am posting the Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3 here to help you out if you have no idea about this device. These are completely my views which I have experienced while using this amazing piece of technology. This review is not a paid one 😛 and coming… Continue reading Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3

MI Phone Manager in English

Buying an Xiaomi MI3 in india is like executing a Mission impossible 3 task. The only sellers are flipkart and they are providing flash sales. That is, they offer public to buy at a particular date and time and thus it is not available to buy freely and is not open to all. Only registered flipkart users who register… Continue reading MI Phone Manager in English

Install Ubuntu / Debian in any android phone

This is a Tutorial to install Ubuntu/Debian in any Android mobile. * Installing Ubuntu or Debian Linux does not format your Android OS or change anything to your phone. The Operating Systems run over the underlying Android OS which continues to function as normal 🙂 Choosing your Linux OS:                                                          There are few things you must… Continue reading Install Ubuntu / Debian in any android phone