Increase battery backup in Android without any app

Here I’ll share with you how to increase battery backup in Android without any app. I am writing this because I was also suffering from this and after trying so many ways to optimize battery backup i found out the root cause and a solution which does not involve installing a new application.

This is a major problem for  95% of android users and to tackle this problem we try lots of applications which is least effective. We are easily attracted by the super catchy UI. Flat and minimal is the new cool and they will pretend that they are doing something super-computer-like tasks and we are like “wow, this is so cool. It nearly converted my 2000mAh cellphone battery into an inverter battery” 😛 and we will pretend that it is really saving our battery but in reality it is just a cron job in android which kills all the processes which is not white-listed based on a conditional statement set by the application developer. Thus it is simply killing processes. Some stays closed but some of them open up again and gets closed automatically or manually and thus this process continues which involves high usage of processor and thus more battery usage.  Too tech-y to comprehend ? Let me put it in English for you. You install hundreds of application in your phone whether they are useful or not does not matter 😛 . Thanks to the PC-like storage capacity (64GB inbuilt and extendable upto 128GB) and RAM (3GB is there now a days). Almost all of them uses data all the time and drains the battery. When you install a battery saver it closes the selected applications to save battery backup but the disobedient application opens up again to eat up the battery juice and gets closed again and then again opens up. This recurring process draws more power and thus more energy is lost.

Now you will curse the device maker and think that even 3500mAh battery is not good enough. Remember Nokia 1100 ? It used to run for 5-7 days on a full charge which was based on a 850mAh battery only. So the problem is that now-a-days we are utilizing the battery more. Moreover, lots of apps are always working (faceb00k, m3ssenger,wh@tsapp etc) and pulling data all the time in order to provide real time results and thus they are utilizing the battery charge more. So in order to maximize the battery backup of your android phone i recommend using least applications. This may help you as this is working well in my case.

In my Moto X I have installed lots of applications along with time —Weather app for having weather info in homescreen, facebook app and its messenger app, whatsapp, telegram, wechat, hike, line, and what not. For market updates moneycontrol, economictimes, google finance app and 3 email id always in sync and lots of other applications.  My device never complained as it was well packed with decent amount of processing power to handle these but battery backup deteriorated. What i did is a clean reset and installed the apps which is most essential for me like email, whatsapp and a browser. I redirected the future emails of 2 email id into the 3rd one and setup a single inbox in my phone.  Reinstalled whatsapp only as i use it more. For FB usage the browser is enough for me and i noticed amazing change. Positive of course 😉

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