Software to reduce size of MS Outlook data file – Split PST

Split PST is a software to reduce size of MS Outlook data file. It has an eminent functionality of breaking an email storage file for MS Outlook into organized fragments for better management of data post division. Its basic function itself states how efficient this tool is with a prominent aim to divide PST file in an oriented and organized manner. Software has multiple helpful options which make the overall performance even better. And one cannot overlook its simplicity of access which is rarely found with technical utilities. Despite of advanced algorithms working at the backend, the frontend or interface merely lets you know the advance technology it is based on. Less-complex technology has more benefits as users belonging to all groups (techies or non-techies) can execute such applications. And this software has excelled in this department as any type of user can get comfortable with software and can work on it. There are much more beneficial aspects with this software which we will analyze in this review.


  • MS Outlook Versions: Perfectly works with PST files belonging to MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013 formats.
  • Types of PST Files: Support both types of ANSI and Unicode file types and with an option to select Outlook PST format.
  • Operating System: Works only on Windows Operating System and supports all of its versions.
  • PST Integrity: Software works on large PST file but it will not work on corrupted Outlook PST file. So make sure that your PST file is in healthy state before utilizing software.

System Specifications:

  • Processor: 1 GHz (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM (1 GB is recommended)
  • HDD: Minimum free space of 15 MB

Set-up Information:

Set-up is easy and needs installation of downloaded program which comes as Demo Version with restriction. The file is downloaded and can be double-clicked for its installation which is very easy process. It is suggested to try demo-version first which can be then converted to full version by purchasing its license.

How Software Works?

Now we will proceed towards the working process which will also elaborate the integrated features of PST splitting tool. Once the software is installed successfully it will launch, you can also run it from Start Menu.
Step 1: When you run the software application, first window will appear like below. Here click on Split option to go to next to reduce size of MS Outlook data file
Step 2: The next step is to choose the PST file format and Splitting options. Software allows splitting of both ANSI and Unicode PST files and one can choose the file type here according to the Outlook version to which PST file belongs.
Note: The format has to be chosen for PST file and not Outlook version configured in your system. For instance, if you want to split PST file which belongs to Outlook 2000 and now you are running Outlook 2007 on your system where software is configured, choose MS Outlook 2000.
Next is splitting variants. Software has this amazing facility of providing different types of splitting options like; Split by Size, Split by folder, Split by date, and Split by year.
Split by Size: Outlook PST file can be split as per size provided by you. Choose this option to fragment your PST file with respect to size. If you have PST file size of 8 GB and you choose 2 GB for dividing, software will divide source PST file into 4 PST files with 2 GB size each.
Split by Date: This option is also a beneficial option which will simply spilt the PST according to date provided by you. Software will divide your PST file into two PST files; one will comprise data belonging to date and prior to that date. Another PST file will contain email data after the mentioned date.
Split by Year: If you choose this option, and provide a range of years like 2008-2010 software will create PST files for each year which fall into this range. Here tool will create separate PST files for years; 2008, 2009, and 2010.
Split by Folder: This option will create separate PST files for each folder of Outlook applications like; Inbox, Sent, etc. You can also provide a size limit exceeding to which the PST file will be split again to maintain size of PST file.
Select apt options and click next to to reduce size of MS Outlook data file

Step 3: Another browser window will open where you can add the PST file to the software. Select the PST file and click to reduce size of MS Outlook data file

Step 4: Next options will be provided as per the splitting option selected by you. Provide the size in MB or years or date as per the splitting option. Also provide the destination folder to save the output PST files with divided data saved in it. Click Next afterwards.
Step 5: Software will show Split Details with all the information related to the source PST file and other information. Once you are satisfied with the details provided with you, click to reduce size of MS Outlook data file

Step 6: As the splitting procedure starts a progress report will be generated with all the to reduce size of MS Outlook data file

Step 7: Once the procedure is done, a message will be shown. Click OK to to reduce size of MS Outlook data file

Software performs the splitting of PST file within few clicks. Software is swift and has an impeccable control over the splitting technique. The data provided by you will be smartly read by tool and the breaking of PST file will be done with accordance to that. No data is lost during the splitting procedure and the source file remains as it is without any changes in it. Whether Split PST software is worthy for investment or not can be determined after some usages. I shall let you know as I use it more.


  1. The other affordable option to manage your large size Outlook PST file is to split large PST file into small sizes. You can try Kernel for PST Split software to split large file which is works on all version of MS Outlook.To know more about this smartly programmed application and download the demo product you can visit:

  2. Manage the large sized Outlook PST file is to split large PST file into small sizes. I would advise you to use of split-pst to instantly resolve all problem of large size Outlook PST files. This software works on all version of MS Outlook and latest Windows platform.

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