Anti Virus or Internet Security – What does your PC need ?

After installing the operating system most of us plan to install an Anti-Virus / Internet security. It helps our computer stay safe from any types of viruses and online threats. Viruses are bad programs developed intentionally to hamper the good PC experience. In some cases it also corrupts our files and leaves them unusable. The effects are not limited to these only as there are more funny and irritating effects of virus on our computer. While buying a security software we come across 2 main category Anti Virus and Internet Security. There is a price difference and Internet security is generally priced higher than its counterpart. For a layman the question is :-

Anti Virus or Internet Security ?

Antivirus is a class of software that detects and stops a virus program from executing in order to save the system from the aftermath of the effects which generally results in huge mess. Generally AntiVirus software prevents, detects and removes malicious Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), browser hijackers, ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, malicious LSPs, dialers, fraudtools, adware and spyware. It also cleans out virus infected files which may create further problems. But its limitation is that it is not efficient in protecting your computer from online threats.

Internet Security is a suite of applications that aims to protect users against threats from the internet. The components which is present in an internet-security-suite are Anti-Virus, Firewall, browser protection, intrusion protection. The main purpose of this software suite is that it not only protects your computer from the viruses but also it protects your computer from online threats. Whenever you are connected via internet your computer gets connected to millions of other computers. Your computer can be accessed by the other online users via open ports. It will be nearly impossible on your part to monitor all the open ports of your computer for the incoming traffic. Hackers may use that to enter your computer and steal useful information or they may just corrupt all your files just for their fun or may be because they can. In such scenario only solution is to go for internet security-suite. This automatically checks all the incoming / outgoing traffic and prevents any types malicious activity. If you are browsing any website which may infect your computer, it will be stopped before doing that. So, the bottomline is that the suite provides peace of mind and take cares of all the problems.

I am using Norton Internet security for the last 5 years. From then till now i haven’t formatted my computer due to virus infection which i used to do a lot earlier. If you want have more than one computer then you may buy the 3 user pack or the 10 user pack.

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