Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3

After using this beastly device for few days I am posting the Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3 here to help you out if you have no idea about this device. These are completely my views which I have experienced while using this amazing piece of technology. This review is not a paid one 😛 and coming… Continue reading Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3

4 Best smartphone within Rs 30000

Looking to buy a new smartphone having good features ? Here is a small list of the best smartphone within Rs 30000. While selecting these i have considered all aspects which a buyer seeks in order to buy a good smartphone. Except Xiaomi MI3 I have hands on experience on all the below mentioned smartphones and I… Continue reading 4 Best smartphone within Rs 30000

Must have applications for Nokia N8

After using Nokia N8 for a long time, which is a very good smartphone and it is also having the best camera till now,  I have come up with a compilation where i enlist some of the most essential softwares for Nokia N8. This list contains the must have applications for Nokia N8

Commonly Used Linux Commands

Commonly Used Linux Commands for you. Linux comes in several versions. The following commands will help you determine which Linux distro is installed on your host, what’s the version of your Linux kernel, the CPU model, processor speed, etc. $ cat /etc/issue $ cat /proc/version $ cat /proc/cpuinfo Find the total amount of RAM available on… Continue reading Commonly Used Linux Commands