Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3

After using this beastly device for few days I am posting the Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3 here to help you out if you have no idea about this device. These are completely my views which I have experienced while using this amazing piece of technology. This review is not a paid one 😛 and coming out from a Xiaomi MI3 real user. The only motive of this post is to educate you.


  • Excellent and top notch build quality, volume keys & power buttons are very well built. No cluttering sound.
  • Touch is super responsive. Sometimes I feel that on mere pointing finger at it (just before touching the screen) it works.
  • Display is of great quality. I am amazed by its clarity and crispiness. Brightness is perfect.
  • Camera is superb. Both daylight as well as lowlight photography is of great quality (If you know how to take pictures). HDR pictures are very vivid. Motion blur images are breathtaking. The front camera is also very good though the front camera of my Moto X is better.
  • Processing is super fast. Great for multitasking. Whatever you throw at this monster you will not experience any lag at all. Plays HD games flawlessly.
  • Call quality is good. Never experienced any call drops even after using the reputed Reliencc mobile 😛
  • 3G works flawlessly as well as WiFi and NFC.
  • Music on the headphone is of awesome quality and the output gets optimized depending on the headphones. (I am using Cowon EM1 which is also a master piece though most of you do not know about it)
  • Battery backup is wonderful. Mixed usage is giving me 1.5 days of backup. I make and receive 10-20 calls, check 20-30 emails, periodic whatsapp, facebook and moneycontrol app usage daily. I also click 5-10 images. Watch HD videos. Charging is also quick.
  • MIUI is worthy of praise. It can be considered as cream of Android. I personally hate any customizations and loved stock Android till Moto X. After that I bought MI3 and after using MIUI i am very happy. It contains all the usefull functions which we need from our phone and have to install extra softwares for that. updates are frequent and this shows how serious these guys are. On getting notified about bugs they push OTA updates to fix it.
    The best facility which i have experienced with this phone is its ability to use internet from PC via data cable. Good for huge sized updates.
  • Rs 13999 for this amazing piece of hardware and technology.

Though there are no demerits of Xiaomi MI3 but still for arguments sake I am putting up these few minor drawbacks which does not matter much.


  • Its big for a 5 inch phone.
  • After using HTC One having boom sound, I noticed that the sound of Xiaomi is not quite high but this can not be considered as a deal breaker.
  • High definition gaming makes the device hot. But it is normal for a high end processor to heat up on full utilization. Snapdragon 800 devices are like that.
  • Slippery. Carelessness can cost you a lot.
  • No extra memory card slot.
  • No 4G support.


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  1. I have a problem in my xiomi mi3, If i answer the call , I can hear the caller when I turn on the speaker, My problem of no sound appears randomly and I always need to bring earphone with my phone.what to do I have restarted the phone many times and also rebooted it, but nothing helped , what to do??? Can you suggest something..

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