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There are so many videos floating is the cyberspace for which we have a great interest and want to watch them time and again. For this reason we have to remember the video link which is very troublesome. Moreover, we have to be dependent on the video owner because if he/she want to delete that video, we can’t view it again. Another problem faced in countries having low-speed internet connection is that they have to wait for the video to buffer. IDMFor the first time its worth waiting, but for the second time its kinda irritating.  So what if we can download and keep a copy of that video in our local disk (Computer).  If that is possible we do not have to be dependent on owner for that video as well as for slow speed users they can download it once and watch the video next time with ease. I have compiled some methods by which you can download Videos From Any Website.


1) Internet Download Manager :
This is the most efficient downloader for this purpose. Along with catching the video downloads automatically, it also catches mp3 files if the website loads that also. Apart from that the downloader is also very good in downloading large files. You can have the maximum download speed with this software. Best part is, it can download videos from any website.  Click here to download this awesome software.




2) Keepvid : This is a website which provides online video file conversions as well as download links from the video links. Just copy the video file link (works 100% with youtube ) and paste the video link in the address bar and wait for the download links to appear. You must have java runtime installed in you computer. The link of this website is here.

3) Orbit Downloader : This is also a very useful downloader. It can download video/music/streaming media from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, support RTMP. And to make general downloading easier and faster.

4) Savevid : This is also a video download provider which can download videos from Any website.In order to download videos, you must install the Savevid Browser Plugin. Once the Savevid Browser Plugin is installed, your browser will be restarted and you will be able to save any video. Just paste the video link in the address bar and wait for the download links to appear. The link is here

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