Ten rare and interesting android Games you have never heard of

Here is a list of ten rare and interesting android Games which, I am sure, you will like. There is a very good game which I have skipped mentioning because i am planning to write a full post on that. More like a review of that game. Meanwhile check these awesome hidden gems which are less highlighted but deserves to be in our android smartphone.

10. Flickitty: Created by indie developer Randall Schleufer in late 2011, Flickitty is a physics based game with simple swipe and drag and drop controls. The graphics are impressive and creates the ambience of a Tim Burton film. The game follows Flick the cat to a journey to becoming a star employee in a factory. With funny missions, beautifully dark environment and simple, yet engaging gameplay, Flickitty is surely one awesome game to look out for.

9. The Little Crane That Could: Probably one of the best simulation games in Android, this crane simulator has brutally accurate physics and is equally difficult at the beginning. The game provides five switches and a steering wheel to control the crane and has 27 mind-boggling levels and a wide variety of cranes to play with including a flying crane in one of the premium levels. If that was not enough, it can also be played with your PS3 gamepad in supporting devices.

8. Tiny Sport Games: This is a series of six similar yet enjoyable games consisting of Tiny Striker, Tiny Goalie, Tiny Touchdown, Tiny Tennis and Tiny Goalie: World Soccer. All these games have 8-bit retro graphics which beautifully complements the simple swipe controls. The games have a flat green, blue and pink colour theme and give a minimalistic feel both in the graphic and gameplay front. If you are in a mood for some casual retro gaming, these games by Fat Fish Games will not disappoint.

7. Kinito Music Puzzle: Kinito Music Puzzle does for the music puzzle genre what Christopher Nolan did for Batman movies. Consisting of 40 masterpieces of classical music including the works of Beethoven, Mozart and Boccherini, Kinito Music Puzzle is nothing less than a masterpiece in itself. The motive of this game is to help an orchestra conductor to rearrange the scores of the music and hire new musicians. With beautiful hand-drawn graphics and challenging gameplay, this artistic game is a must play for all music lovers.

6. They Need to be Fed 2: Sequel to the awesome They Need to be Fed, this instalment makes up for all that is missing in the predecessor. A 2D platformer with silhouetted characters and brightly coloured pattern background, this game has more interactive elements like plants to bounce on, spikes and other obstacles. This game is a mixture of casual and nerve-wrecking, it may be easy in the first half but can get extremely frustrating as you progress in the levels.

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