Buy successfully from flipkart flash sales

This is like a nightmare for the buyers who want to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales. Now a days flipkart has started a new policy of flash sales. That means a product is not available for buying anytime after launch. There will be limited stocks and it is available to the registered users only. This helps in marketing of the product as the word of mouth spreads like wildfire and their motive is served. That is more exposure and thus more prospective buyers.
I was able to buy my Xiaomi MI3 in my second attempt and through this post i shall let you know how to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales. First of all you have to be a registered flip-kart user and then you have to register again for the particular product. I have noticed this type of selling by flip kart during the launch of Xiaomi MI3 and the following sales of Xiaomi MI3 in the coming days where the stock got sold out in 5 seconds, 2 seconds, 1.5 seconds … Thus a user with basic computer / internet knowledge who have used e-commerce websites but doesn’t know the tricks and techniques of how to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales is left without any help. If you are one of those then do not worry, this is very simple. Open 4 – 5 tabs of flipkart website in your computer browser and log in to your account before 1-2 hours at least and keep logged it. Simultaneously, login to the mobile website version in your smartphone as well as in the official application and keep logged it. When the countdown is nearing keep on refreshing your tabs in the browser. When the countdown finishes you will have the chance to book your product (Xioami MI3, Redmi 1S or any other product of the same selling style). Keep on trying from all the tabs as well as from the application. Generally load is less in application and chances to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales is more in case of mobile / tablet application of flipkart. Most important aspect to be considered is a superfast internet connection.

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  1. I tried many times but failed. Now there is no MI3. I am gonna use your formula to attempt to buy a Redmi 1S. Anyways, thanks for this article.

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