Some features which can make Windows 10 better

Recently I have installed Windows 10 in my PC and I must say that I am highly impressed with the effort of the Microsoft engineers. The new OS is amazingly fast, looks beautiful and well polished. I have updated from Windows 8.1 pro to Windows 10 Pro and all the softwares which I have previously used in Windows 8.1 are working flawlessly including my favorite game CS GO. Initially I have noticed an increase in latency even when all the downloads / uploads were turned off but from a blog post  I found out that I was unknowingly acting as a peer and sharing the Windows 10 upload files. I turned it off and then got the blazing speed again. Anyways, after using few days I have noticed that there are some areas where Microsoft can work to make it better.

According to me the features which can make Windows 10 better are as follows :-

  • Cortana for all countries.
  • Windows 8 product key can activate Windows 10 so that users who have genuine Windows 8 can directly
    install Windows 10 from iso using the genuine windows 8 product key.
  • Provide extension support for edge so that we can shift to Edge completely from Chrome as it eats up RAM a lot.
  • Connect all the Microsoft products in one account. (e.g, If I have a Windows 8 license, office subscription
    etc then after installing windows we can be prompted to download additional files for the other products
    connected with the same account which must not require another round of activation as the main account is
    already connected and activated)
  • Cortana on “always listening mode” in desktop. Whenever we say “Hey Cortana” she must listen and respond
    (this feature for those who are on laptop as well as a PC where mic is connected and set up)
  • When we search a file or folder we may sometimes type the name incorrectly and since no exact matches
    are found the search returns zero results. The search can be made better by implementing Google-like search
    results page where if we enter wrong words then they show result for the correct words asking us whether
    we meant that (corrected word).
  • For keeping a tab on system temperature we rely on third party softwares. It will be a nice and effective addition if the processor, motherboard, graphics card (if present) temperature readings are shown in taskbar near the date time.

I have already suggested some of these points to Microsoft and if you have one please feel free to share it in comments section.

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