A Milestone Completed

Today I am very elated with the email in my inbox sent from my college which states that I am have completed the Post Graduate degree. I got the information beforehand when one of my fellow classmate stated that the result is out and send me a link. On checking the link I not only found out that I passed the final semester but also with 9 pointer (9/10). This is a big deal for me. This reminds me of my father to whom I want to dedicate this whole success. Whatever I have made myself today is all because of him as he has given me the best lesson in the world.

This goes back to class 5. 2 days before final examinations. I was a rank holder in my class and with the preparations which i had then, even my father also realized that i can’t defend my rank with the meagre preparations. And he said to me, “Son, Instead of learning this by heart why don’t you try to understand what is written. This will make things easier for you.” When result came out I as well as my father was very happy with what I scored. That was unexpectable.

So on that day I have realized that understanding and then learning makes it quite easier for intake instead of reluctant memorizing. And from that time an era started in my life which give birth to reasoning and logical thinking. This helped me in each and every stage in my life till now. Today I feel wonderful by achieving this prestigious degree MCA. Hope to do something which leaves a mark in the mazes of time.

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