Useful Secrets in Windows 11

Windows 11 brings several big and small UI as well as functional improvements. The interface is more refined than in previous versions of Windows. Here we will share some useful secrets in windows 11. Though Windows 10 was one of the finest and most stable versions of windows. Microsoft has put in some effort to enhance the multi-tasking experience for power users. Whether you’re using your computer for office work or for your personal work, it is good to master some of Windows’ productivity features. If you just switched to the new Windows version, here are some of the most interesting Windows 11 features that you should know about:

Some useful secrets of Windows 11

Take a screenshot of any specific part

Press the Windows logo key  + SHIFT key + S to quickly take a screenshot. You can either take a screenshot of the full screen or only capture a part of it. The screenshots will be copied to the clipboard and can also be saved.

Access clipboard history

Press the Windows logo key  + V to save recent copied or cut items on the clipboard so you can paste them into other apps or sync across devices.

access clipboard history

Type with your voice in Windows 11

Press the Windows logo key  + H with a mic connected to your Windows 11 computer and now you can start turning your voice to words. useful if you want to take notes and don’t feel

Catch up on your news at a glance

Personalize your content feed with Widgets, so you can quickly see all the things you like to keep tabs on, from sports and weather to your schedule and to-dos. Now you can see it all in one place with just a quick left mouse-hover at the bottom left of your screen.

Switch between open Windows

Press the Windows logo key  + Tab to show and switch between open windows, apps, or virtual desktops.

hacks of Windows 11

Thanks for reading. If you know more useful secrets in Windows 11 and more how-tos do share them with us.

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