How to access Blocked Websites

This is one of the nightmare of most of the Facebook addicts. In places like workplace, computer lab in colleges / schools facebook and other social networking sites are blocked in order to stop users to access these websites. This post will help you How to access Blocked Websites. It can be solved by two ways :


1) Open a proxy website. (preferably or There you ‘ll find an address-bar. Type the blocked website address there and BOOM.. you website shows up. But please expect it to be a bit slower than the usual speed as the proxy website is accessed by so many  which makes it pretty slow. So Please don’t panic. Wait and have fun with the blocked websites.


2) The 2nd method is not for beginners. OR ELSE TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. The procedure is either taking down the proxy server set up in the workplace / school / college or just make some changes in your local machine and access the blocked websites.

Open this location  %SystemRoot%system32driversetc

find the hosts file.

Open with notepad

If you see your website listed there.

just delete the entry along with the IP address (

Save the file.


And BOOM the blocked website is opening.


If you still face any problem just mention it in comments


  1. Thank you for this wonderful information and for people who just want to open fb just type https instead of http

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