Windows 9 download link


You will get the Microsoft Windows 9 download link here. Yes the much awaited windows 9 is appearing in various websites as screenshots which indicates that Windows 9 is coming soon and a copy is already out . As much as some nerds hate it for no reason or for their “so-called-justified-reason” many of us love Microsoft windows and specifically Windows 8 for its faster operational...

My Moto X review


Moto X review after using it for months. It is a mid-range smartphone which is complete in each and every ways. It is launched by Motorola just after launching Moto G in India which had a great success in India. Their superb strategy of providing first class hardware at a very low cost (compared to others) is going on good. Moto X is a smartphone for those who want a smartphone with speed...

Instagram Black photo fix


Getting black photos while you upload your images in Instagram ? Check out this post for Instagram Black photo fix.  If you don’t know what Instagram is, read the first paragraph or else skip to the second. Instagram is a smartphone application, available for iOS, Android and WP, using which you can take photos and edit them using the number of filters which is there or simply you can pick...

First look | New Motorola phones


First look | New Motorola phones and accessories.
Check this post tomorrow to catch the live event where new phones and accessories will be launched by Motorola. We are expecting a Moto G2, Moto X+1 and Moto 360 to come up. We shall post the price of respective products very soon. Stay tunes for more updates.

Xiaomi Mi3 Review


This Xiaomi Mi3 Review is for all of you who are still in confusion regarding this awesome phone and have low faith because it’s a “Chinese” product. A common notion developed that whatever is Chinese is not a good product but trust me when I say that this phone will blow up your expectation and will amaze you to the core. The way it got sold out in few seconds is itself a...

Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3


After using this beastly device for few days I am posting the Pros and cons of Xiaomi MI3 here to help you out if you have no idea about this device. These are completely my views which I have experienced while using this amazing piece of technology. This review is not a paid one 😛 and coming out from a Xiaomi MI3 real user. The only motive of this post is to educate you. PROS: Excellent and top...

Buy successfully from flipkart flash sales


This is like a nightmare for the buyers who want to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales. Now a days flipkart has started a new policy of flash sales. That means a product is not available for buying anytime after launch. There will be limited stocks and it is available to the registered users only. This helps in marketing of the product as the word of mouth spreads like wildfire and their...

How to force exit a software


While using computer we come across so many softwares and use them for our work. Sometimes some softwares misbehave and do not obey the command to close or exit. This happens due to improper software development  [ More information for developers : improper conditions usage, improper memory management, inefficient exception handling ( try,catch, throw)  ] In such situations, use task manager to...

MI Phone Manager in English


Buying an Xiaomi MI3 in india is like executing a Mission impossible 3 task. The only sellers are flipkart and they are providing flash sales. That is, they offer public to buy at a particular date and time and thus it is not available to buy freely and is not open to all. Only registered flipkart users who register in their website are eligible to buy on launch dates. I have managed to buy...