Get last element of Array in Javascript

You can always do it in the fastest way. If performance is a deal breaker for you where you are writing code for million concurrent connections then arr.length -1 is your thing. But if you fancy some ES6 like I do, then read on..

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Build a Gaming PC under Rs 50000 in 2020

With the rise of Ryzen processors, gaming segment now has lots of options for processors. In this post we will build a gaming pc with a budget of around Rs 50000. Previously, Intel had a monopoly in gaming section but as AMD Ryzen 3rd gen improved their IPC score to a level considered on par… Continue reading Build a Gaming PC under Rs 50000 in 2020

WordPress asking for FTP credentials on localhost

Unable to Add/Delete plugin in localhost?
After you new and shiny localhost installation you go ahead and start cleaning up. Keeping one fallback theme twenty twenty and deleting others. Then you go ahead and try deleting the Hello Dolly plugin and the Akismat plugin which I believe may not have much usage in localhost and you face this issue of unable to delete or install wordpress plugin without error.

Check Out These Cool New Features of Android 10

Recently the newest version of android got released. The availability of android 10 in different devices is very less but I found a workaround to install and test android 10. For a change, dessert names got dropped. Google named this version as Android 10. 5 New Features of Android 10 With this new android os,… Continue reading Check Out These Cool New Features of Android 10

Start a basic server using express

Express is an amazing framework. We can start running a server by writing only 4 lines of code. After that, we can also set routes and assign responses if someone is requesting those routes. For now, let’s spin up our basic server.

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Hello And Welcome

As I am into the process of continuous learning and implementing those on a daily basis, I thought of managing a repository where all my learnings will reside. I ‘ll keep on adding new bits of information which I feel I can use again. Making this public so that if anyone else needs the same… Continue reading Hello And Welcome

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