Implementing Google Fonts in React Native App


Want to make your React Native apps look nice and user-friendly? Google Fonts is your best buddy! This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the integration of Google Fonts React Native, particularly beneficial for those using React Native version >= 0.69.x

If you struggled to integrate Google fonts with your React native app by looking at the documentation, you aren’t alone. I have spent a fair share of my time trying to make it work. At last, I cracked it and wanted to share the process with anyone who might search for the same thing and end up here.

Step 1: Preparing Your Config File

Start by creating a configuration file named react-native.config.js in your project’s root directory. This file will hold the configurations required for linking the fonts in your Google Fonts React Native project.

module.exports = {
project: {
ios: {},
android: {},
assets: ['./assets/fonts']

Step 2: Linking Google Fonts

For those utilizing React Native version >= 0.69.x, the standard react-native link command is deprecated. In this case, use the npx react-native-asset command for linking the Google Fonts in your React Native application.

Command: npx react-native-asset

Step 3: Executing the Project

After successfully linking the Google Fonts, execute the react-native run-android command for Android or react-native run-ios for iOS projects. It’s vital to run the project to ensure the fonts have been implemented properly.

Command: react-native run-android


react-native run-ios

Optimizing User Interaction:

Implementing Google Fonts React Native enhances the application’s visual consistency and readability across various devices and platforms, ensuring a unified and intuitive user interaction. Clear, attractive typography can substantially boost user engagement and satisfaction.

Improving Aesthetics and Design:

In a Google Fonts React Native project, developers have the flexibility to choose from a vast array of fonts, allowing for a more customized and aesthetically cohesive design, that aligns perfectly with the project’s theme and objectives.


Implementing Google Fonts in React Native applications is a simplified process that can significantly contribute to the visual appeal and user experience. This guide has been designed to help developers seamlessly integrate Google Fonts React Native, especially those using React Native version >= 0.69.x. Adding Google Fonts to React Native apps is easy and makes your app look great and user-friendly. This guide is here to help everyone, even those using newer versions of React Native, to add cool fonts to their apps without any hassle. So, make your app fun and easy to use with different font styles from Google Fonts in React Native!

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