SMS without ads upto 500 characters

SMS tariff going up again. Its time to use our efficiency and do not let our telcos cheat us with the high sms price. Many of us use smartphone and can install java applications. For smartphone users having a gprs / 3g connection there is an application provided by by which you can send sms on-the-go.  We are aware about so many websites which offers free sms. Some of these websites include ads along with our message, some are available only at limited time and some promise not to include ads but still they do. After much research and testing i have come across three websites  which is offering ad free sms and upto 500 characters. Also you can avail mms facility limited to 5MB of filesize.

SMSTI.IN  : This is a very good website which provides sms facility. Not only this, free sms sms sent from this website are completely ad free. You can also check the message delivery report that implies that the message delivery system is very fast. Enjoy smsing upto 160 characters.

BOLLYWOODMOTION.COM :  For the first time i have found out a website which truely offers sms facility without any limits. Just imagine how it ‘ll be if you are offered free sms facility upto 500 characters. Yes this website offers you free sms facility upto 500 characters per message. Apart from that, the message delivery system of this website is tremendously fast. Best part is so much of sms characters but still no ads.

SEASMS.COM :  This website is worthy of all the research i have done these years. A website which offers sms facility and it is not limited to India only. It supports sending sms to most of the countries and all the renowned international operators. Moreover you can send and receive mms type messages using this website.

Its a request to all of you to use these services thoughtfully and please do not spam. Over usage ‘ll result in termination of free service and ads may also start appearing along with your sms.


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