Save files before hard drive crash

If you are a computer user then I am sure you have gone through this particular predicament of losing your important files due to the hard drive crash of your personal computer. There is a saying “prevention is better than cure”. Today I shall let you know how to save files before hard drive crash. There are lots of reasons for the crash and some indication of pre-crash scenario are listed below.

  • Clicking or grinding noises while running.
  • Files & Folders disappear randomly. Files and folders can also become corrupt and problem arises in accessing it.
  • During booting the computer freezes and can not complete the boot process.
  • Taking ridiculously longer time even in minor process like opening, closing or copying small files.
  • Though this is regarded as A.M.D special feature (pun intended) but often heating up also is a signal of harddrive failure.
  • Even after proper optimization the computer fails to speed up.

So its scary.. right ? Loosing all the important files which you have created / collected so far. The best way to avoid this disappointment is to use the cloud services offered by the best in the industry. The concept is simple. Your files will be synchronized to a cloud server which will pull data from the allocated folder in local computer once some changes are made or new files are added. The best part is that its free upto a decent usage. If that limit is crossed then there are premium paid plans. But i think from a personal user’s viewpoint the free quota is enough for us. Another factor for this assumption is that not all of us have access to high-speed unlimited usage internet connections in India and thus the free cloud service will not be abused. I am listing some of the best free providers.

  1. Dropbox 
  2. Google Drive
  3. OneDrive
  4. Box 
  5. Copy

If you are using from any other provider apart from the ones listed above, then do let us know in comments.


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