Flash Nokia using USB

Its a common tragedy that you screw your mobile software so much that you have to consider reformatting it (in mobile language its called flashing) & what do you do then ? The first idea that comes to your mind is to take it to authorized service center and get it flashed and you again enjoy the light & fast system. But when the warranty of your mobile is gone, you have to pay charges for flashing. In authorized service centers they charge between Rs 200-1000 depending upon the cost of your mobile though the procedure is same for all mobiles. So if you want to do it yourself here it is.

For that you need navifirm & PhoenixFirst of all install these two softwares. Download these softwares from the link given with them.

1) Open navifirm & locate your mobile and download the respective packages.

2) After downloading firmware files, create a folder RM-XXX in C:Program filesNokiaPhoenixProducts and copy those firmware files in the folder.  (RM-XXX where XXX is your product code(for e.g. Nokia N8 product code is 596, so the package is RM-596) and keep the downloaded files there.

3) Open Phoenix and connect your mobile via data cable in PC Suite mode.

4) Now Choose File>Manage Connection>New>USB. When it displays your phone, hit Finish. Apply then close

5) Select “Scan Product” from the File menu. When scanning is finished, you can see your model of phone and other details at the bottom screen. From the menu, choose Firmware Update 

6) Wait for Phoenix to continue looking into to the phone. You will see some information scroll by in the firmware Update window.
 – Browse
– See the product code section. You should find your product code in that column. If you see your mobile’s product code, fine otherwise press on the “” in the given prCode section.
You should see RM-XXX, select that. Variant version =00.
7) Select Refurbish & it format your phone to the fresh OS.

8) Click start and ignore the warning and click yes. Now your actual flashing has started. Don’t touch your phone or press any button until the flashing has finished. Also don’t mess your data cable and your computer system.

9) After the flashing is complete please remove the data cable.

Now wait for your phone to restart & your job is done. If it helps please comment.

This is the procedure to Flash Nokia using USB

This method worked nice for me but it can cause instability, even can brick your phone if done improperly. I do not take responsibility for any loss, if occurred to your phone, due to improper steps. Its also noticed that there are some problems doing it in 64 bit OS

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