Faster file transfer for android smartphones

Most of us need to exchange or share files a lot using our smartphone. The age-old method is to turn on bluetooth in the receiver’s phone and the sender will send the file via bluetooth. It will take time depending upon the file size and the bluetooth technology present in the phone. Currently the new phones have the faster bluetooth tech which enables comparatively faster file transfer. But it is still not the fastest option. Imagine sending a 2 gb hd movie over bluetooth! This will frustrate both the sender as well as the receiver. So in this post i shall share how you can transfer files among android smartphones at faster speed than bluetooth.

Faster file transfer for android smartphones

Xender : This is probably the most used app by android users for data sharing. The process is very simple. Sender selects file ( which is to be send ) and clicks Send / Share. Then selects Xender from the app list. This app will show a progress circle. On the background the app will turn on mobile hotspot and initiate wifi data sending procedure and will make the file ready to be received. The 2nd person ( receiver ) will open the app and select receive from the options ( Send / Receive ) This will start scanning for devices and after finding and selecting the sender device the file can be received at a very fast speed.
It works effortlessly when both devices are android. I faced some inconvenience while trying Android to Windows Phone, Windows Phone to Android transfer. It still works but in this case you have to create a wifi hotspot manually in one phone and connect the other phone to hotspot first. After that open the app and click connect friend. Now you are good to transfer.  Click here to download Xender from play store

Shareit : Made in Lenovo labs, this is also a good app and works well. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The application is very light and works well. Click here to download Shareit from play store

Feem : Check this out. Try feem by clicking here.

Zapya : Check this out.  Click here to download from google play.

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