Awesome Android Games You have Never Heard of

Android games have evolved all the way from the non-existent Rovio and Namco Bandai days to one of the most widely used medium of hand-held gaming today. While games like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush are extremely popular and common among Android users, here are some awesome android games that you have never heard of that deserve a place in every mobile gamer’s app tray.

5. Rico: A Tale of Two Brothers 

A retro masterpiece, this game is an 8-bit platformer with an intriguing story and elements from classics like Pitfall, Super Mario, Castlevania and Knytt. The gameplay has it all, traps, boss levels, monsters and a nostalgic music to go with it. If you have grown up playing NES and Nintendo, this game is for you.

4. Game Dev Story

A title from the legendary Kairosoft Games, Game Dev Story is a simulation game in a retro 8-bit style. While all their games are equally addictive, I have chosen this in particular because of its witty game references and story. Kairosoft games will remind you of the old SimCity 2000 and SimTower days. The games are light and have a size less than 10 MB, so it also runs in old devices. Retro gaming at its best!

3. Strata

This critically acclaimed, Unity Awards nominated game is one of the most stunningly beautiful games on Play Store. Strata has a unique puzzle game accompanied by mesmerizing music and simple, elegant visuals. The goal is to place various coloured ribbons to match a given pattern. Every action has a different musical tone to go with it. Check this out if you are looking for a casual game with minimal design and simple yet addictive gameplay.

2. Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon will hypnotize you within seconds with it’s minimal design, dangerously addictive gameplay and utterly awesome music. This is not a game where you’ll find easy or a beginner mode, this is a mercilessly difficult game that can be mastered only be sheer practice and reflexes. With an insanely difficult, rage inducing gameplay and genius concept and design, this game is a must for every gamer.

1. Thomas Was Alone

This game is a modern masterpiece. Everything from the narration to the graphic and story is awesome, this BAFTA winning indie game by Mike Bithell explores the journey of some colored shapes who were created because some event in a computer mainframe has caused several artificial intelligence routines to run out of control and gain personalities. With great atmospheric music by David Housden and humorous dialogue by Danny Wallace, this is one of the best games to be released on Play Store. Embark on this journey of friendship, sacrifice and self-discovery with Thomas and his friends if you are looking for a spectacular platformer with a genius story and minimalistic design.

Coming up more awesome android games you have never heard of. Stay tuned.

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