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Smartphone Innovation Ideas To Simplify Our Lives

This fine morning I woke up and checked my phone while still on bed. I was notified of a scheduled interview call coming up, a reminder to take db backup of some of the websites I built, study MEAN framework, plan some updates for my android app, write an article in my blog regarding a […]

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Most affordable Windows Phone of 2015 – Microsoft Lumia 430

Microsoft Lumia 430 is the most affordable Windows Phone of 2015. As competition grew more in this segment where end users have lots of reliable options like Moto E, Xiaomi Redmi ( yes this new company has gained our trust by offering good quality phones and is now in my reliable list ), Microsoft also […]

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Latest mobile phones of 2015 under Rs 10000

If you are looking for a list of the latest mobile phones of 2015 under Rs 10000 as of August 2015, then you are in the right place. Now a days we can get good phones in this range having considerably fast processor, average camera, decent memory and battery backup. Due to the clash of the big […]

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How to use whatsapp from computer

Today I have found out how to use whatsapp from computer. As I was going through the update log in my Xiaomi MI3 phone and was checking out the auto update list which starts updating once I turn on the wifi, I saw that on the whatsapp’s update page on google apps store it is highlighted that there is […]

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Top five mobile phone of 2014

Now a days while talking about smart phones they are not future proof because companies are introducing  updated version of their high end phones in every 6 months or 1 year. But coming to top phones what you will expect ? A great speed, multi tasking,camera and of course good battery backup. To help you choose the […]

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Nokia Lumia 830

This year IFA witnesses NOKIA to announce two new beautiful devices, the NOKIA LUMIA 830 and the NOKIA LUMIA 730 the selfie phone. The NOKIA LUMIA 830 is quite a decent phone with good specs but not that much comparable with today’s flagship devices. Nokia is giving a high end devices at an affordable price. The […]

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Nokia Lumia 930

The Nokia Lumia 930 is undoubtedly the best Windows Phone in the market, with a brilliant camera and high-end specifications.The lumia 930 is a pretty much upgraded version of NOKIA LUMIA 925. The Nokia Lumia 930 was first launched in the USA in February as the Lumia Icon. In specifications there is a big difference between both […]