Different types of blog readers

As we brainstorm our brain and write blog posts, are we aware that there are different types of blog readers roaming in the cyberspace.

As per activity, i have classified few of them. Have a look and please comment


1. The Absorber The absorber absorbs every little word of your blog post, just like a sponge absorbs water. These readers pay you the biggest compliment; they really try to understand your point of view and your thought process. Absorbers tend to be detail-oriented and a tad nitpicky. They will leave comments about spelling mistakes, missed punctuations and similar tiny details to help you write better posts. Writing posts for the absorber: These people like to read quality content. Make sure your article is spell-checked, read it twice to ensure each sentence is structured properly and don’t forget to fine-tune your grammar and punctuation.

2. The Casual Reader This kind of reader just skims the content of your post, without paying particular note to details. They’re good at summations and can get the gist by just skimming through. This kind also leaves comments frequently. Most blog readers fall into this category. Writing posts for the casual reader: Break your text into paragraphs and provide articulate headings so that people can grasp the gist just by reading the headers. Ensure that your content can be scanned quickly.

3. The First And Last Sentence Reader This reader type reads only the first and last sentences of your post. If your article doesn’t grab their interest, or if you don’t have images in it, this type will just move on. If your blog lacks images, you’ll probably lose the first and last sentence readers among your audience. Writing posts for the first and last sentence reader: Plug in some eye-catching graphics and size them appropriately. Keep your paragraphs separate, with interesting first sentences. Format your content and make it presentable.

4. The Curious Reader Some people read personal blogs only because they’re curious about you. These readers may not be interested in the content, but rather in what you say. Their main interest is in knowing more about you. You’ll find comments from these curious types about your success and how you do things. Writing posts for the curious reader: These people love to be entertained with personal remarks, or any secrets that you can reveal about yourself, about your affiliations, celebrities and so on.

5. The Supportive Reader The supportive reader offers encouragement, promote your blog and your products and post encouraging comments. They readily offer backlinks and will talk about your blog on other blogs. If this kind of reader believes in your product, your opinions, or your cause, you’ve garnered an ally. Writing posts for the supportive reader: Take careful note of the comments your supportive readers leave and write posts to gain their full support.

6. The Silent Reader Then there’s the silent reader who certainly visits your blogs, reads them but never leaves a comment. They will not bother to comment even if you email them specifically for feedback. It’s not clear what these readers want. They may also be shy people who like to be entertained but don’t want to get involved. Writing posts for the silent reader: If you find that many of your blog’s readers fall into this category, write posts that entice them to comment. Ask readers to comment on issues, offer their opinions and even participate in a poll.

7. The Negative Reader This type of reader is quick to judge and point out mistakes, in a not very constructive manner. They can frame you using copyright infringement allegations, or leave comments saying your blog is not very original and so on. The best way to handle them is to correct mistakes, post apologies and be careful in the future. Writing posts for the negative reader: Always ensure your content is 100% original. It’s well worth it to invest in Copyscape or a similar tool to do this. Make sure your article is well written, articulate, grammatically correct and to the point.

8. The Loyal Reader Needless to say, the reader who is a potential customer is the one that you want to attract the most. These readers stay loyal to you and become your customers in the future. If you start other blogs or other ventures, these readers will follow you there as well. Writing posts for the loyal reader and potential customer: Be ethical and scrupulously honest in all your business dealings via your blog. Post information that’s clear, easy to read and can be validated by anyone. Cite your sources and references wherever possible, and provide actual facts.

9. The Opportunistic Reader Some readers come to your blog with a hidden agenda. However, when you are a success in this business, someone or the other will want to try and borrow your strategy. Since you won’t be giving it away, they’ll try to spy, copy content, talk to your readers to learn how you do things. Writing posts for the opportunistic reader: Don’t reveal too much in your posts. Offer your best strategies via guidebooks at a price point.

10. The Popular Post Reader This type of reader reads only those posts that are already popular. That way, they feel their time is well invested. These readers will scan all the comments first, and read the article only if several people have appreciated it. They won’t bother reading a new post until it’s been whetted. Writing posts for the popular post reader: If a post of yours becomes popular, watch what people say and try to post more articles in a similar vein.

Question For You Now that you know there are so many different types of blog readers, you need to ask yourself this. What kind of blog reader are you?


  1. Mmm… now you have made me feel guilty for being a “Silent Reader” (I must admit I am also much of an “First and last sentence reader”). OK, here you have my comment 😉

    Nice analysis.

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