Current Youth Issues

Here are some of the grave issues being faced by our youth these days.  These Current Youth Issues is compiled in this post.

 current youth issues

#  Materialism  :  This is one of the most happening bad habit observed in the society now a days. People gets delighted by shopping more and more. Now a days, its not about necessity, its like an addiction. People feels proud being called as shopaholic and thus waste valuable resource uselessly.

#  Alcoholism :           

 In most of the youth party, we observe that alcohol is gaining its place now-a-days. Instead of taking it as ‘injurious to health’ youth are instead considering it as a trend and getting more and more engaged into it. As a result there is drinking everywhere and thus inviting more and more social criminal activities.

#  Violence in schools : Yeah, its counter strike time, not in PC but in schools !!  As a result of violent PC games, students are more prone to creating violence in schools. The days of mere punching is gone, now a days they carry Gun with them in order to fulfill their hunger for using it.

current youth issues

#  Obesity : Mc Donalds, Pizzahut, Dominos and many more countless names contributing to this factor. Only they can’t be blamed, its “we people” who are promoting them. Instead of eating a healthy meal youths (even oldies) are inclined towards these mouth watering, taste buds-pampering food habits.

 #Divorce :  

current youth issues

Love, commitment is now a relative term, after a certain period of time it flies away. Now a days its all about “MY LIFE” , “MY PAINS” “MY BENEFITS”, Where is ‘us’ ? Youth gets married with a commitment to stay forever together but after a certain period of time they become intolerable to each other.

#  Ignoring Education : Ask anyone “What do you like to study ? / What is your favorite subject ?” The answer you ‘ll get is “I hate studies / i don’t like studying” Even if you check the profile in social networking sites in most of the profiles you ‘ll find out the same lame sentences. Instead of reading college books youth are much more inclined towards Cosmopolitan, Novels, Erotica.current youth issues

#  Recession :

 Last but not the least, its recession. This issue has such a huge impact on the lives of youth. Everywhere we either learns about no job or firing from the job just because company can not afford. We can not blame the company as well because if there is no demand for a product, where ‘ll the company get the revenue to pay the employees.current youth issues

But compared to the last few years its better now. Hope that it ‘ll soon become normal again.

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  1. Well .. All the issues are covered up here n its really an amazing site u`ve made . If i get some new kinda ideas i`ll surely let u know . Gud job !!

  2. it is wonderful to find a youth so sensitive about these issues. whatever you have discussed are so true and so evident in our present culture….we seem to get absorbed day by day into a world of nothingness, all affected by a chronic disease – individuality (selfhood)- and find no cure. hope you can inspire your friends as i find that you create a scope to think on such terms….expect to find more…….

  3. yeap! that’s al rit… but seems like there are vry small no of peoples who looks behind the wall.

  4. Its wat they c when growing up and the very tag ” its cool” that come along with those stuff lure the youths into these…The so called “m cool ,watch me!” attitude has ruined everything..

  5. You made certain nice points there. I did a search on the topic and found the majority of persons will agree with your blog.

  6. Your topic would help youth to realize what are their common problems. This would help them in solving it.

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