MI Phone Manager in English

Buying an Xiaomi MI3 in india is like executing a Mission impossible 3 task. The only sellers are flipkart and they are providing flash sales. That is, they offer public to buy at a particular date and time and thus it is not available to buy freely and is not open to all. Only registered flipkart users who register in their website are eligible to buy on launch dates. I have managed to buy Xiaomi MI3 in my second attempt and here is a guide for you how to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales.  After i bought the mobile i tried connecting it to my Windows 8 Pro PC via usb. Without any glitch it got connected and my PC also recognized the device but i wanted a PC Suite like facility where i can generate backups of files, contacts etc. For this purpose i downloaded MI Phone Manager from http://zhushou.xiaomi.com and installed it but it was in chinese and the task for me was to have a MI Phone Manager in English. Its is simple you can do it yourself.  You will find Chinese fonts but do not worry, just click on the button which is there in it and the next screen will come. You will see a tick mark when the installation will be complete and the MI Phone manager will launch after that. You can connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC via usb. At this point close and exit the MI Phone Manager ( Click here to find out how to Use task manager to completely exit a software) . Now go to this link new link or this link to download and extract the zipped file. You ‘ll get these three modified files: mres.dll, skin.res and uiconfigs. Now press WIN key + R. In the RUN type %appdata% and press enter. Now locate and enter “MI Phone manager” folder and then “main” folder and paste the 3 files there. When you launch MI Phone Manager now you will find it in English.   Credits to “34959338” of the forum. for providing the files.

Update : A new MI phone manager is pushed through the update and the early patch is not working. In this case you can download the the files from http://imraan.in/dls/MI-new-fix.zip unzip and and paste it. Try this process only with the updated MI Phone manager.



By imraan