Make your computer faster

I am using the fastest processor along with abundant ram and a good motherboard and thus never face any issues with computer being slow. But I know many of you are frustrated with your computer which becomes terribly slow few days after fresh formatting. So your only procedure is to format it again and enjoy… Continue reading Make your computer faster

SMS without ads upto 500 characters

SMS tariff going up again. Its time to use our efficiency and do not let our telcos cheat us with the high sms price. Many of us use smartphone and can install java applications. For smartphone users having a gprs / 3g connection there is an application provided by by which you can send… Continue reading SMS without ads upto 500 characters

Install Ubuntu / Debian in any android phone

This is a Tutorial to install Ubuntu/Debian in any Android mobile. * Installing Ubuntu or Debian Linux does not format your Android OS or change anything to your phone. The Operating Systems run over the underlying Android OS which continues to function as normal 🙂 Choosing your Linux OS:                                                          There are few things you must… Continue reading Install Ubuntu / Debian in any android phone