Buy successfully from flipkart flash sales


This is like a nightmare for the buyers who want to buy successfully from flipkart flash sales. Now a days flipkart has started a new policy of flash sales. That means a product is not available for buying anytime after launch. There will be limited stocks and it is available to the registered users only. This helps in marketing of the product as the word of mouth spreads like wildfire and their...

MI Phone Manager in English


Buying an Xiaomi MI3 in india is like executing a Mission impossible 3 task. The only sellers are flipkart and they are providing flash sales. That is, they offer public to buy at a particular date and time and thus it is not available to buy freely and is not open to all. Only registered flipkart users who register in their website are eligible to buy on launch dates. I have managed to buy...

4 Best smartphone within Rs 30000


Looking to buy a new smartphone having good features ? Here is a small list of the best smartphone within Rs 30000. While selecting these i have considered all aspects which a buyer seeks in order to buy a good smartphone. Except Xiaomi MI3 I have hands on experience on all the below mentioned smartphones and I must say i am more than impressed with the overall specs viz build quality, Camera...

Know Your Internet Connection Speed


Many of us are unaware of the speed provided by our ISP. The plan states something but speed experienced by end users are different. In dedicated plan the difference is not so much bad which costs a lot more than the shared plan, but still if a user does not monitor the speed frequently, his ISP can get a chance to deceive him. On the other hand, in shared plans, on several occasions, the...

Download Videos From Any Website


There are so many videos floating is the cyberspace for which we have a great interest and want to watch them time and again. For this reason we have to remember the video link which is very troublesome. Moreover, we have to be dependent on the video owner because if he/she want to delete that video, we can’t view it again. Another problem faced in countries having low-speed internet connection...

Smartphone camera explained


After witnessing hell lot of confusion and misconception of the commoners regarding the smartphone camera I can’t stop myself from writing this post which says “Smartphone camera explained“. I hope that some readers who will go through this post will clear their wrong notion that if their camera possesses more megapixels they will get better quality pictures. I am sorry to...

Free facebook on Airtel 3G


  Many of us can’t afford Airtel 3G because of their costly pricing and stick with Airtel 2G which is slow but considering what others are offering in the same section, its the best choice though some Vodafone 2G fanboys will disagree and boast of their connection. I shall not deny that Vodafone is also good but i personally find Airtel better. Now this is not a prank that facebook is...

Make your computer faster


I am using the fastest processor along with abundant ram and a good motherboard and thus never face any issues with computer being slow. But I know many of you are frustrated with your computer which becomes terribly slow few days after fresh formatting. So your only procedure is to format it again and enjoy good speed for 1-2 weeks and then again it becomes slow. To get out of this ridiculous...

Must have applications for Nokia N8


After using Nokia N8 for a long time, which is a very good smartphone and it is also having the best camera till now,  I have come up with a compilation where i enlist some of the most essential softwares for Nokia N8. This list contains the must have applications for Nokia N8

Commonly Used Linux Commands


Commonly Used Linux Commands for you.

Linux comes in several versions. The following commands will help you determine which Linux distro is installed on your host, what’s the version of your Linux kernel, the CPU model, processor speed, etc.

$ cat /etc/issue
$ cat /proc/version
$ cat /proc/cpuinfo

Find the total amount of RAM available on your Linux box and how much is free.