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How to get Windows 10 for free


Due to some unclear announcements earlier regarding Windows 10, this question is on everyone’s mind that “How to get Windows 10 for free ?” Windows 10 was announced in April 2014 at the end of the first keynote at Build 2014. The final release is scheduled to arrive on July 29th on 2015. Before the final release, some half baked build were released in order to make users aware...

Anti Virus or Internet Security – What does your PC need ?


After installing the operating system most of us plan to install an Anti-Virus / Internet security. It helps our computer stay safe from any types of viruses and online threats. Viruses are bad programs developed intentionally to hamper the good PC experience. In some cases it also corrupts our files and leaves them unusable. The effects are not limited to these only as there are more funny and...

How to use whatsapp from computer


Today I have found out how to use whatsapp from computer. As I was going through the update log in my Xiaomi MI3 phone and was checking out the auto update list which starts updating once I turn on the wifi, I saw that on the whatsapp’s update page on google apps store it is highlighted that there is a feature which will enable you to use whatsapp in computer. I was amazed by this as I...

Advantages of a Desktop computer over laptop


We are living in an era where everything is pretty much computerized. From building softwares, designing websites, monitoring patients in a hospital, booking online tickets, investing in share market, taking an online course (even exam) to finding the perfect soulmate 😛 via online dating service, we need computer in our day-to-day life. It has become an integral part of our life and along with...

Xiaomi Mi Note – the affordable version of iphone 6 plus


Yesterday we have witnessed another flagship product launch by the budding superstar smartphone company. All hail Xiaomi Phablet; the affordable version of iPhone 6 plus. Well this is what my opinion is and in no way endorsing Apple or Xiaomi. Many of us thought that, from the hints that they were leaving in their social network pages, a next generation MI phone will come but instead they...

Best laptop with long battery backup


This is what I was searching for years but never got a perfect option which balances 13 inch screen with good processor + good RAM + awesome battery backup. Yes, I was also waiting for the best laptop with long battery backup and Dell at Consumer Electronics Show ( CES 2015 ) solved my problem and of those who are reading this article now. Apart from Macbook Air I was not really satisfied with...

Xiaomi laptop – be ready for the next big thing


After shaking the smartphone market with Xiaomi’s offering of high-end smartphones at unbelievably low price, a rumour is being circulated in the cyberspace that Xiaomi laptop is coming. This is indeed a very good news for all of us who value and respect technology instead of going behind big brand names who sell similar products at more than double the price. We have already experienced...

Airtel will charge free calls provided by Skype / Viber etc


The good times are going to be over soon due to the fact that Airtel will charge free calls provided by Skype / Viber etc. The cost-effective way of talking relentlessly on phone with your loved ones or making inter-continental voice / video calls to contact business partners by subscribing to an internet pack only and then using VoIP software like Skype , Viber, Line etc is soon coming to an end...

Windows 9 download link


You will get the Microsoft Windows 9 download link here. Yes the much awaited windows 9 is appearing in various websites as screenshots which indicates that Windows 9 is coming soon and a copy is already out . As much as some nerds hate it for no reason or for their “so-called-justified-reason” many of us love Microsoft windows and specifically Windows 8 for its faster operational...