World’s Largest touchscreen : 10 meters


The world’s largest touch screen is 10 meters long and can accept up to 100 multi-touch inputs at one time.
The screen was developed by a group at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. In order to create the behemoth, the school modified a 3D theatre’s screen using infrared lamps and cameras. The screen is used to teach students interactivity.

World’s Most Dangerous Airports


The most dangerous airports in the world, from offshore airports in japan to ice covered ones in Antartica to an airport which has a road that runs through it in Gibraltar!   Lukla Airport Nepal Since Lukla Nepal is the place most people start their Mount Everest trek, this Himalayan strip gets quite a bit of traffic–mostly to and from Kathmandu. Sirens inform folks for miles when an...

US Marine–Jungle survival


A US Marine inflates a cobra skin after removing its entrails during a jungle survival exercise with the Thai Navy as part of the “Cobra Gold 2011” joint military exercise, at a military base in Chon Buri Province.