lost warrior


i lost my chance to fulfil my dream, i lost my most valuable year of my life, i lost the capacity to love, i m just lost. i dont need ne1, itz just dat the past sweet memories cant go at once..

Proud To Be a Bengali


UNESCO has declared the Bengali language to be the sweetest language of the world. Bengali is one of the major languages of India, and the main language in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. It is the mother tongue of the Bengali community of India, i.e. the community to which I belong. Bengali is also spoken in the tiny country of Bangladesh, a neighbouring country of India. In fact, in...

FIFA 2010


I wish i were in my HoMe tonight…
My father ll be watching FIFA 2010 WC alone…
Missing him & also missing watching wolrd cup with him….

My Poem


Life is an adventure…where a thousand friends you meetAnd each friend gesturesPaths that you can treadAlas! My friend, think and actCoz false friends are plentyWho tries to extract…Your innocence and sensibilityBut, I, my friend, am,One in a thousandWho will alwayz lendA supportive & helping hand