Imranul Haque Mazumder - a glimpse of his life..

imranul haque mazumder

The journey of this person started when he was a kid and came to know about computers and got interested. In PC games first and later on he was amazed by the work which can be done using a computer. In a PC game parlour another boy from a different school (rival school ) was practicing HTML. He simply asked that boy what it is and when he learned that it is used to create websites he became interested and asked that boy who showed a glimpse of input and output. Interest (the correct word is obsession 😛 )  grew and eventually researching on internet started regarding this topic and without the help of any books or a teacher, he was able to learn a lot. He is grateful to Almighty that he is blessed as a fast learner and intelligent student. After the last exam of his school he was sent to Aligarh for preparation of entrance exam required to get admitted to Aligarh Muslim University (Physics, Chemistry, Maths). After few months there, unable to adjust with the food habit, like most of the outsiders, he also got ill with severe jaundice and was admitted to ICU. His father rushed there and brought him back but admissions in all the good colleges in nearby district in Assam was already over. Last option was the  college in his hometown. He took admission there in Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Zoology and Botany. After completing college he appeared for the Engineering and Medical – State + National entrance examinations and was unable to get a seat anywhere. His father insisted him to reappear for the entrance exam as his father knew that he can do it next time as he did not study well last year but he was not willing to lose a year of his life for that. So, he took admission in BCA in Central IT College, Guwahati to stay near home. While in 3rd semester he noticed an ad in newspaper and attended the interview because he wanted to see how the process is. Completely unprepared, with unprofessional look in jeans and tshirt, shoulder length hair 😛 . His interviewer asked twice whether he was really there for interview. lol. He was given a task to complete which he did and the interviewer was very pleased and hired him immediately. As he was working there he got the live lessons of website and software development. He realized that his books are much backward than the current technologies used. He used to work on the evening shift for few months and because of his college and exams he left the job. After completing BCA he appeared MCA entrance test of West Bengal ( JECA ) aspiring to get inducted in Jadavpur University but did not make it and took admission in Brainware Group of Institutions which was a new college. From 1st year (2nd sem) he started freelancing and was successful and dreamt of leading his own IT company one day. He also had high ambitions of working abroad after the completion of MCA but his destiny had something else in store. In the final year of his college ( 2012 ) his father breathed his last and the responsibility of his family shifted completely on him. He had to return to his hometown to look after his mother and sister. His hometown has no job prospects in IT field. He was disappointed but not discouraged. He joined a college and started working there as Lecturer in Computer Science department and was also the guest teacher in a high school for C. Sc. Simultaneously he mastered the art of investing in Indian Share market. Few months later he appeared for an interview and got an offer for a job and was about to join but that was delayed. In his waiting period he decided to start his company whatever it takes and successfully registered his IT firm and started operating.

Blogging is his passion and he runs this blog to help others.